Owen’s Bone Broth Recipe

Owen’s Bone Broth Recipe

Photo above is only a representation of the finished product.

Photo above is only a representation of the finished product.

What’s the Symmetry team’s simple solution for staying healthy this winter? Vitamin and mineral rich Bone Broth!

Benefits of Bone Broth :
• Aids in digestion and heals gut.
• Boost immunity and helps fight infection.
• Decreases inflammation.
• Collagen and Gelatin help to support healthy hair, skin and nails.


1 lbs beef knuckle or marrow bone
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
Salt to taste


Place bone in pot filled with cool water and vinegar and let sit 30 min to help extract minerals from bone. Bring to a boil then turn on low heat and cover for 12-24 hours. Add optional vegetables about 10-12 hours before you plan to take broth off stove. Any combination of Vegetables will work.

Here is a great example of veggies for phases 1-3:

2 Turnips
2 Zucchinis
5 stalks of celery
2 Leeks
1 glove of garlic

Here is a great example for phase 4:

3 big carrots
5 stalks of celery
3 medium shallots
1 clove of garlic

Strain and put in mason jars for use over a couple of days or store in freezer for later.

*Mushrooms, seaweed and ginger in small quantities are good to add as well.

Sip on hot bone broth before or in between meals to satiate your appetite. Use this nutritious bone broth as a basis to making tastier Ideal protein soups or Potato Puree.