Power Plate® Evening Classes/Weight Loss & Exercise

Power Plate® Evening Classes/Weight Loss & Exercise

powerplatealamedachiropractor2Every year, “lose weight” is likely to sit atop our list of resolutions. Naturally following it is “join a gym.” Because we can’t possibly achieve our goal of dropping that dreaded fat without sweating it out on the treadmill, right? Actually, recent research covered in the New York Times concludes that what we’ve all been taught is in fact wrong. There is no substantial relationship between exercise and weight loss. Exercise does little to create the caloric deficit required for significant losses, and may actually increase appetite. Weight loss is a function of correct diet, especially one that is scientifically based and geared toward efficient fat loss, such as Ideal Protein®.

But before you retire your running shoes, take a moment to consider what exercise can do for your weight loss goals. The same research showed that no factor was more important in maintenance of weight lost than exercise, and over time, may “teach” the body to use energy in a way that slows fat storage. Regularly breaking a sweat has positive psychological impacts as well, chief amongst them stress relief and aiding in adherence to a diet program. Lastly, consider the ultimate goal of your weight loss program.

Fitting into smaller sizes and being able to enjoy the mirror’s reflection may provide an invaluable boost to self-esteem, but good health provides a quality of life that is impossible without it. Exercise is one of the most significant factors proven to help stave off deadly preventable diseases so common amongst Americans. Even if exercise does little on its own to help you fit into your dream wardrobe, it will improve every day you have to spend working on any goal, and allow you to live life without limits.

Symmetry offers morning, afternoon and evening Power Plate® classes to fit any schedule. Break out of that rut and experience the dramatic results that are possible with a brand new routine!