Power Plate® SMR

powerplatePower Plate® SMR

It has been nearly two and half years since Symmetry introduced Power Plate® fitness classes to its roster of groundbreaking health services. We began with two distinct classes – Total Body Accelerator and Stretch Strength and Balance. Since then, we have introduced seven more classes to bring in a variety of modalities such as TRX classes, circuit training, Power Flow and the BOSU ball. It is with great excitement that we now introduce the next class to the Symmetry Fitness Department: Power Plate® SMR.

Self-myofascial Release (SMR) is a powerful stretching technique that is gaining popularity in the fitness world because of it’s effectiveness in quickly loosening tight muscles and helping correct altered movement compensations. Through the use of trigger point rollers, gentle pressure is applied to muscle adhesions (also known as knots), to alter the elastic muscle fibers from a tight bundled state, into a more relaxed state in alignment with the fascia. This process is called autogenic inhibition, and typically takes 30 seconds to initiate once a roller is placed and held on a sore or tender spot.

In Power Plate® SMR, we will combine SMR techniques with the Power Plate® to quickly initiate autogenic inhibition and to help you improve performance in other Power Plate® classes as well as in other sports and daily activities. Anyone with an interest in improving physical performance can benefit from SMR and static stretching on the Power Plate®. Be sure to check our online schedule regularly for openings, as this class will be sure to fill up quickly.