Rocktape helps speed the healing process in the East Bay Area

Rocktape helps speed the healing process in the East Bay Area

What is Rocktape?

You see it every day in our office, but probably don’t know what it really is or what it really does. Simply glancing at it, one would think it’s just colorful athletic tape, but Rocktape is more than that.

What if I told you Rocktape could increase blood flow, speed the healing process of injuries, increase flexibility, assist muscles in generating more force, prevent and even remove scars? You would call me a liar, right? Well these are just SOME of the benefits of Rocktape.

Yes, there’s more! I was skeptical at first too, until I saw and tried it for myself. Just look at this picture of a bruise when Rocktape was applied:


If you look and see when the tape is removed, it is lighter where the tape once was, due to that area receiving more blood flow, causing it to heal faster.

So you’re probably wondering: How does this “miracle” tape work? Well, Rocktape is made of a stretchy fabric that can be manipulated to pull in one direction and not the other. This pull, when placed on the skin, lifts the skin from the muscles underneath, allowing blood to move into an injured area, speeding up healing and recovery. This is great for quick pain relief!

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