Take Your Weight Loss and Fitness to the Next Level!

Take Your Weight Loss and Fitness to the Next Level

Oakland Weight Loss | Alameda Weight LossAt both our Alameda and Oakland chiropractic and health care locations, we offer body composition analysis by using the InBody by Biospace! The BioSpace machine sends multiple frequencies through your extremities and trunk. The speed at which the frequencies are received back to the machine determines your body composition.

This is a great way to assess your overall health, as weight alone is not a clear indication of good health. This is due to the fact that it does not distinguish between how many pounds are lean mass and how many pounds are fat mass. When body fat percentage is within normal ranges (10-20% for men and 18-28% for women), your risk for chronic disease development is significantly reduced.

The results print out will help you find motivation to achieve your goals by reporting pounds of lean muscle mass, fat mass, percent body fat, body mass index (BMI), hydration status, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). Knowing this information, you can begin to understand how your diet, lifestyle, and exercise regimen are affecting your body composition. This enables you to target and reach your health and fitness goals!

For the most accurate results, please note the following:
1. Test before exercising or eating (2 hours prior)
2. Remove shoes, socks, and items from pockets
3. Use the restroom prior to testing
4 Test under similar conditions to enhance reproducibility of results when comparing tests

Your first BioSpace reading is on us, along with a mini nutrition consultation with our Registered Dietician. Contact our Alameda chiropractic, health care and weight loss location at 510-769-0125, or our Oakland chiropractic, health care, and weight loss location at 510-654-2207 to schedule your free 15 minute nutrition assessment and BioSpace reading today!

Stephanie, our Registered Dietician is available to you for weekly nutrition counseling and regular BioSpace readings to help manage various types of nutrition programs.