The Importance of Stability, Mobility, and the Full Body Workout

The Importance of Stability, Mobility, and the Full Body Workout

Power Plate Alameda Chiropractor | SymmetryTraditional training focuses on strengthening muscles in isolation and generally disregards the relationship of the entire kinetic chain with reference to postural alignment of the joints. It is important to restore good joint alignment and muscle balance across all joints. This facilitates effective muscle action and joint movement, serving as a platform from which good exercise technique is built.

It is very important to first build muscular stability, mobility and endurance in the core, pelvis and shoulder girdle. These muscles include the lower back, upper back and shoulders. Many people suffer from back pain or postural imbalances so the strengthening of these upper body muscles will help to correct posture and alleviate pain. Every muscle group consists of an agonist and antagonist. When working the upper back for example, those back muscles are the agonists and the chest muscles are the antagonists. If we strengthen the back we must strengthen the front (chest) and vise versa to keep the body in balance.

We have all seen certain individuals who do a lot of resistance or weight training who have a forward shoulder roll and look to be a bit hunched over with bad upper body posture. This is because they have targeted and worked mostly on their chest and bicep muscles which in turn has tightened them and forced the shoulders forward. If they had instead stretched these chest muscles and worked just as much on their back, their body would have balanced itself and they would have good posture (strong back muscles pull the shoulders back to create proper posture). The same goes for triceps/biceps, hamstrings/quadriceps, etc. etc. When exercising, we need to target all major muscle groups to correct posture, alleviate pain, and balance and strengthen the body. To target only certain muscle groups without strengthening the core and upper body/shoulder girdle muscles will just cause more problems for the body.

By exercising on the Power Plate® you are using 80% – 90% of all of your muscles fibers with any given exercise accelerating the rate at which you will build the muscular stability, mobility, endurance, and strength to live a healthy and active life.