What’s the most creative and healthy lunch you’ve made while at work?

What’s the most creative and healthy lunch you’ve made
while at work?

lunchofficeTake a tip from one of the most successful people we’ve seen! Kevin has changed his eating habits and is thriving with a healthier body and overall lifestyle!

Dear Symmetry,

Had to get a little creative at lunch today. I got home really late on Sunday, and found my refrigerator pretty bare for making lunch on Monday.

I took my usual thermos filled with a soup mix to work, and figured I’d go out to a restaurant for a salad. When it came time for lunch, I didn’t feel like doing that, because the restaurant salads are pretty thin on veggies (and really heavy on lettuce).

I checked out the vending machine offerings (we don’t have a hot kitchen), but all they had were the pre-packaged salads that are mostly lettuce, some carrot slivers, and bits of ham or chicken and cheese.

So, I went to the local Safeway near the office, and found they didn’t have a salad bar and carried the same pre-packaged salads as our vending machine (only more expensive!). I found an area of the produce section that had pre-cut and packaged items, and was able to pick up enough items to make a decent salad at my desk (see photo). And I’ve got leftovers that I can use.

Felt better about doing this than going out. Also used the barcode scanner on the iPhone app to get the nutrition data right off of all the packages. That was cool, and really fast.

-Kevin Holm