3 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After an Injury

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Injuries are a part of life. When we live life outside of a bubble, wear and tear on our bodies are a normal inherent risk. In fact, over 30 million people visit their doctor or the local emergency room each year for accidents and unintentional injuries. Of this vast number of injuries, a large percentage of them are related to the head, neck, knees, hands and feet. These injuries can put a large burden on the healthcare system, especially if they lead to unnecessary suffering, disability and chronic pain.

The top causes of injury in the U.S. include:

Addressing Injury with Chiropractic Care

Falls, car accidents, and poisoning account for 83% of all injuries in the U.S. each year. Falls and car accidents most often result in musculoskeletal injuries that lead to pain, particularly in the spine, and poor movement patterns for daily activities. One of the best options for addressing these problems following an injury is with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is an expert-oriented and research-based approach that can help you in the recovery process. The holistic full body approach that a CBP practitioner provides can significantly improve your chance of proper recovery and getting back to normal life as quickly as possible. In fact, without proper care, these injuries can lead to permanent disability and suffering.

If you find yourself injured from a fall, auto accident, or other unintentional cause, here are just three of the reasons that chiropractic care should be your first line of defense.

1. Address any underlying spine misalignments

Chiropractors, particularly when CBP certified, are experts in spine alignment. They are trained to recognize the subtle changes that can occur when an injury is sustained. When an impact is sustained from a fall or car accident, spine misalignment and resulting blocked nerve energy can lead to pain, body dysfunction, poor general health and other debilitating symptoms.

Restoring spine alignment should always be the top priority after an injury and can only be addressed properly and comprehensively with a CBP care provider. Once good nerve flow is resumed, it taps into the body’s innate potential to move forward with proper function and healing. When the spine is optimally aligned, there is now significantly more potential for balanced movement, decreased pain, and more.

2. Allow proper tissue healing

Once the spine is aligned, the next step in the recovery process is maximizing the healing process. The holistic treatments available to you at a Chiropractic office will ensure that you heal as quickly as possible. This might include pain modalities (electrical stimulation, traction, heat, ice, etc.), soft tissue massage, exercise, stretching, and education. Since spine alignment was addressed first to maximize your recovery, you will find that your body responds significantly better to these treatment options.

What your body specifically needs to heal will depend on factors related to your genetics, age, and prior level of health. Your treatment program will be specifically tailored to your unique needs. Regardless, with proper nerve signals and adequate blood flow restored, the body now has the tools it needs for full healing and reducing inflammation.

3. Prevent future problems

Lingering symptoms and a higher risk of future injuries are common side effects of an injury that are not often discussed. Unfortunately, a previous injury is one of the major predictors for future injuries. However, it doesn’t have to be this way with proper healing and awareness the first time around. Often, latent problems occur when there continues to be subtle spine misalignments that cause unnecessary build up of scar tissue and impaired nerve flow. These ultimately lead to faulty movement patterns that further aggravate the issue.

Seeing your Chiropractor regularly can help prevent exacerbation of your injury, especially since it is hard to spot any subtle spine misalignments on your own. With their expertise on your side, you can prevent unnecessary suffering in the future and live your best life. The more days you can live your life without pain or suffering the better.

Chiropractic Care for all Your Injury Needs

Finding a CBP practitioner, like Dr. Cynthia Boyd and the entire team at Symmetry Health Center in Alameda and Oakland, CA can significantly improve your quality of life when recovering from an injury. Chiropractic care has consistently shown to improve outcomes following an injury, expedite recovery, and reduce overall pain and suffering.

When facing an injury, choose CBP care to help boost your recovery potential and expedite the entire process. Feel your best and get back to normal life as soon as possible. Get in touch with Symmetry Health Center today to see what they can do to help with your injury recovery and full body health.

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