Better Analysis IS Better Treatment

Symmetry Health Center is pleased to let you know that we have taken our health and nutrition services to the next level: The InBody 570 has arrived!

Features of the inbody 570

The InBody 570 is a professional body composition analysis machine that provides a detailed write up of your body composition stats after a short 45 second bioelectrical impedance test. You will know your fat mass, lean mass and water mass (intra and extracellular) in total and by body part. The report will also show you where you have inflammation, so you can take extra care of sensitive areas.

In the not too distant past, body composition analysis on this level was near impossible and extremely inconvenient. We relied on lower grade bioelectrical impedance machines which had a large margin of error, or the skin fold/caliper test, which required visual precision over months and hence was not precise. The most accurate method we had was something called “the dunk tank” which required booking a truck with a water tank inside, and the test subject would get into the tank of water. Fortunately, these days are over!

We at Symmetry Health Center are excited about the new level of care we are providing. The InBody 570 allows us to fine-tune your programs to help you get great results as quickly and effectively as possible. Call today for a Free Functional Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation which includes a free InBody Analysis! 510-769-0125

With InBody 570