7 Facts You Might Not Know About Chiropractic

interesting facts about chiropractic

Of course you know a chiropractor is your best bet if you’re suffering from back pain. But there is probably a lot to the practice of chiropractic that you don’t know about. Chiropractor Dr. Cynthia Boyd of Symmetry Health Center offers some lesser-known but useful facts about chiropractic.

Facts you need to know about Chiropractic

1. Chiropractic care isn’t limited to neck and back pain.

Chiropractors also treat joint pain – from shoulders to hips and ankles. They also treat conditions such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and sciatica. In addition, chiropractic can boost the immune system, ease digestive disorders and increase flexibility. Practitioners can also offer advice on nutrition and fitness, along with ergonomics.

2. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for all ages.

Chiropractors check infants moments after birth to see whether the twisting journey through the birth canal might have misaligned the spine. If adjustments are needed, a gentle touch is used: the pressure, chiropractors say, is no greater than the pressure you might use to check a tomato for ripeness. Chiropractic can also assist with colic, ear infections and sleeplessness. The elderly are also prime candidates for chiropractic, which can relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve balance and even reduce the risk of falls.

3. Chiropractic care has been authorized under workers’ compensation laws

All 50 states have authorized the provisions of chiropractic care under state workers’ compensation laws.

4. Pain doesn’t occur immediately.

When pain shows up, you’ve probably already been suffering from a biomechanical dysfunction for months or years. Note, too, that pills might alleviate the pain, but they don’t address its cause.

5. Chiropractors don’t heal you.

That’s up to your body. The premise behind chiropractic is that your vertebrae sometimes shift out of position, interrupting the proper transmission of signals by the nerves. When those signals are disrupted, it impairs the body’s ability to heal itself and to defend itself against disease. By restoring proper nerve flow, chiropractic permits the body to do its work efficiently and effectively.

6. Chiropractic patients are healthier than the rest of the population.

Helping you live healthier and longer is one of the facts that has a scientific basis of chiropractic. A seven-year study abstract tracked patients who saw a chiropractor as their primary care doctor. They had 83 percent fewer pharmaceutical costs, 62 percent fewer outpatient surgeries and 60 percent fewer hospital admissions.

7. Chiropractic and nervous system

Our bodies contain 43 pairs of nerves that connect the central nervous system to every part of the body. Only 12 of those nerve pairs are connected to the brain. Thirty-one are connected to the spinal cord. You get your teeth checked regularly. So why not get your back checked for dysfunction, as well? It might save you a lot of pain later in life.

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