Infertility Treatment Specialist in Oakland and Alameda

Infertility Treatment Specialist in Oakland and Alameda

Women suffering from infertility may find hope. In recent research about women who became pregnant under chiropractic care by infertility Treatment Specialist.

Research Offers Hope for Infertile Couples in Oakland and Alameda

The research is a three-part series of case reports published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
The study details a number of cases where infertile women undergoing chiropractic care became pregnant. Some of these women went to the chiropractor for help with their fertility; others simply went to have their spines adjusted but then became pregnant.

The first article in the series, “Insult, Interference, Infertility: An Overview of Chiropractic Research” involved a review of 14 articles on spinal problems and infertility, involving 15 women ages 22 to 65. All of the women in these studies had vertical subluxations – misaligned vertebrae – or related problems of the spine that interfere with the workings of the nervous system.

Dr. Madeline Behrendt, author of the infertility series, says she was prompted to conduct the study because of anecdotal evidence suggesting that chiropractic might help infertility.

What’s the relationship between chiropractic and fertility? Consider the spinal column, which supports and protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord transmits nerve impulses between the brain and the organs and tissues of the body. Spinal misalignments interfere with that communications process. The nerves to the reproductive system run through the spine, so a misalignment can affect fertility.

And that’s where chiropractic comes in. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper alignment to the vertebrae, so the nervous system can operate as it was meant to.

Doctor who do infertility treatment near Alameda/Oakland

If you live in Oakland, Alameda or the East Bay and are experiencing infertility, consider a visit to Dr. Cynthia Boyd and her team at Symmetry Health Center. Dr. Boyd and her team are experts in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), a method of correcting spinal misalignments by remodeling and realigning the spine to restore normal nerve flow.

The team at Symmetry Health Center is among only a handful of Oakland, Alameda and East Bay chiropractors trained in CBP, the most researched and results-oriented corrective chiropractic technique.

Take advantage of our no-charge consultation to determine whether you or a loved one is a candidate for care at one of our Symmetry Health Center locations in Oakland and Alameda.

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