Take Your Weight Loss and Fitness to the Next Level

Take Your Weight Loss and Fitness to the Next Level

Body Composition Analysis | SymmetryOur newest body composition analyzer will give individuals a personalized result sheet with measurements such as weight and lean body mass versus body fat mass. Want to know how much of your lean mass is made up of water? InBody will calculate your intra and extra cellular water as well as an expected healthy ratio of Total Body Water.

The obesity analysis calculates Percentage of Body Fat or PBF, which is a measurement of your actual body composition unlike BMI, which is a calculation based only on your height and weight. PBF will be able to tell the percentage of your total weight that isn’t muscle, bone or fluid, giving a more accurate means of assessing degrees of obesity or degrees of fitness. The InBody will calculate and recommend a specific measurement in pounds to decrease in body fat and increase in muscle mass that you could benefit from, based on your current body composition.

Want to know which muscles need more work? The Segmental Lean Analysis will measure how your muscle mass is distributed throughout your body. This will help to determine if you have a disproportionate amount of muscle in your legs or trunk and arms and then distinguish which have more muscle mass from your right to left.

Individual measurements will be saved and tracked over time to give you an objective outcome of your health status. Our nutrition coaches, fitness trainers and doctors will be able to help you determine your immediate and long term goals for healthy living.

So if you want to know just how much you are benefitting from your healthy eating plan or strength training in Power Plate classes 3 times a week, then you are going to want to have a reading with the InBody!

How you are feeling, is not the most accurate measurement of how healthy you are! By simply standing on the InBody we can regularly monitor your body fat, muscle mass and muscular development, so that you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regimen are influencing your body composition. The InBody will tell you what’s working for you, so you can target and reach wellness.

Every participant in the Ideal Protein Nutrition Program will have a weekly reading and those who are working out in the Power Plate classes will have a reading every 24th training class.

As the community resource for optimal health and healing, we look forward to offering you the latest and most accurate means to measures and determine your personal health goals.