Creating Your Path to Better Health This Fall

Better Health This Fall

Dr. Boyd of Symmetry Health Center in Alameda/Oakland, CA often acknowledges Fall as one of the best times of year to reset health goals. Being from the East Coast, she sees the change in season as one that intuitively evokes routine. The cycle of the school season starting most likely has much to do with this, and for most of us resembles a new sense of discipline. From now until the holidays, we have a chunk of time to prepare for what is ahead! It’s time to buckle down! It is now that we can gain strength and momentum to prepare for the holidays! Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle should be addressed more so like training for a marathon vs. sprinting. Go in to the season ahead of the game and strong with discipline and habit so you don’t start 2014 how most people do, which is in need of a diet! Instead you will be strong and ahead of the game if you set some goals and stick to them.

Take a moment and look back on your 2013 achievements so far. Are you where you thought you’d be, or have you fallen short in certain areas? Did you have goals or did you take the “any road will get your there” approach. Wherever you are today, you have the opportunity to set yourself up for success in 2013 by creating, committing and implementing a game plan to reach your goals.

At Symmetry, we know that leading a healthy life balanced with good nutrition and exercise is at the top of the list for many. But, wanting a “healthier life” and “eating better” can take on many meanings based on the individual. So, in order to move forward to a better version of yourself, you must write out and clearly define what you aim to accomplish.

Your goals needs be SMART

Your goals needs be Smart, meaning – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded. Specific means that it is perfectly clear what the desired end result looks and feels like. A child could tell you how close you are to obtaining it. A measurable goal can be defined in numerical terms such as pounds, carbohydrates, or even more details such as “meals per week cooked at home”. A SMART goal is also attainable. It can be accomplished within the constraints of time, money, and skill sets. Make your goals realistic as well. This just means they should be in the realms of reality and as to develop confidence along the journey toward accomplishing them. “I will lose 20 lbs. by tomorrow,” is not realistic (or healthy). Lastly, SMART goals are time-bounded, meaning you have set a specific end date for completion or reevaluation.

If you take the time to write out your goals and follow the steps above, you will be well on your way to closing out 2013 as an incredibly healthy and prosperous year. It’s not too late! Share your goals with your friends and family, post them where you will see them every day, and commit to taking action each day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you notice yourself getting closer to what you desire. Give it a try; what do you have to lose?

We would love to help you meet your goals! We welcome all patients old and new to schedule a no charge consultation to start the process of helping you make a long lasting change in your health with Integrative Chiropractic care! The first step is the most powerful one!

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