Integrative Chiropractic Care Near Alameda/Oakland

Integrative chiropractic care near alameda/oakland

There are a ton of great benefits you can gain from regular integrative chiropractic care near alameda. Some of these benefits are more obvious than others, such as pain relief and better healing capabilities after an injury. Additionally, the secondary benefits that come with regular holistic care can help bring your health to the next level in areas like your mood and sense of well-being. By focusing on restoring balance within the body with proper spine alignment and neural integrity, you can optimize your overall quality of life.

Chiropractic is a great treatment choice for addressing your health goals. If you want to take your health one step further, consider finding a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) certified practitioner. This approach is based on extensive research and is expertly executed to give you the best possible holistic health. There are only a few elite clinics in the U.S., including Symmetry Health Center in Alameda and Oakland, CA.

Consider Getting Regular Integrative Chiropractic Treatment

Nowadays, as a society we tend to think of health simply as the absence of disease. Yet, this is only one end of the spectrum when it comes to our health. There is a disease free state; and then there is our optimal health where we feel our absolute best. Living a full life can be about so much more than just being pain or injury free with the right understanding and tools for your health.

Seeing a chiropractor, particularly a CBP care provider, regularly can help you reach your true potential in health and life. A chiropractor will be able to consistently assess your overall health (based on spine alignment) to prevent and quickly manage any issues that pop up before they take a hold on your life. Overall, this means that you will have more time to do the things you love and spend less time dealing with illness, injury, or other suffering. With your productivity and overall health in mind, regular CBP care is a no-brainer cost effective way to live life on your own terms.

The Benefits of  Wellness Chiropractic Care

Now that you understand how a chiropractor can boost your health, let’s review all of the benefits that come with regular treatment. They include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • An overall sense of well-being
  • Decrease symptoms of brain fog and poor concentration
  • Boost overall productivity for work and life
  • Decrease inflammation (local and general)
  • Boost athletic performance and biomechanics
  • Increase muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Enhance your body’s naturally healing capabilities
  • Improve mental health and overall mood
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increase energy levels for participating fully in your life

How Spine Misalignment Affects Your Health

With all the amazing benefits chiropractic care has to potentially offer, you may be wondering what the exact mechanisms are behind them. The answer is quite simple: neural health via spine alignment. Spine misalignment, a commonly undiagnosed issue, can have major consequences for your health. Poor spine alignment affects nerve flow and communication, a function that is necessary for every life-sustaining process in the body.

Spine misalignment can be hard to diagnose and properly treat without the help of a professional, like a CBP practitioner. It can be caused by a lot of different underlying issues, such as poor posture, injury, genetics, and more. When spine alignment and nerve energy are restored, your body’s innate functioning capabilities can work uninhibited.

Finding a CBP Practitioner In Your Area

There are a handful of elite CBP providers in the U.S. If there is a clinic in your area, it is worth getting in touch with them to see what treatment options are possible for you. Dr. Cynthis Boyd and her entire team at Symmetry Health Center in Alameda and Oakland, CA are ready to help determine the best treatment plan for you. When you work with them, here are are some of the integrative chiropractic care options they may be able to provide:

  • Spine adjustments (as needed) to optimize nerve energy and body function
  • Posture education to reinforce proper spine alignment
  • Soft tissue massage to decrease any pain and stiffness while continually reinforcing good spine alignment
  • Prescribe an exercise routine for your unique needs
  • Education in lifestyle factors, including stress management, sleep quality, weight loss and more to maximize your results

Want to prevent possible health issues and see what true health can feel like? There is absolutely nothing to lose with the non-invasive holistic approach of a CBP professional. Schedule your first consultation today, and you will get a personalized recommendation for how often you should be seeing your chiropractor to get the best possible results (of course, this can change with time). Get in touch with the team at Symmetry Health Center today to finally tap into your true health potential.

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