How Chiropractic Care can Help Improve Your Sleep Quality

sleep better after chiropractic adjustment

Sleep deprivation is a very real problem in today’s society. Poor sleep can lead to trouble with concentration, trigger or exacerbate chronic health issues, or leave you feeling just generally out of sync. Unfortunately, the importance of sleep is usually downplayed in our society in the place of hard work and getting things done. In reality, lack of sleep makes it impossible to be our best and stay healthy. Did you know that chiropractic care can improve your sleep quality?

There are many aspects of ChiroPractic BioPhysics (CBP), a research based, expert oriented approach, that can improve your sleep quality by addressing your spine alignment. In fact, oftentimes we don’t even realize that spine misalignment is an underlying undiagnosed issue affecting our health and sleep quality. We will dive deeper into how CBP can help improve your sleep and overall quality of life.

Are you getting high quality sleep?

When we think of sleep, the number of hours we sleep is normally the biggest factor we consider. Generally, seven to nine hours is the range that most health professionals recommend for optimizing overall body function. Yet, the quantity of sleep we get is just one part of the picture for our sleep. The quality of our sleep is another factor we must take into consideration.

Signs that you are getting high quality sleep

As you read through these, you may realize you have some work to do to improve you sleep quality.

  • Falling asleep within a half an hour of getting into bed to sleep
  • Waking up no more than one time at night and falling back asleep in less than thirty minutes
  • Waking up feeling well rested in the morning
  • Having adequate energy and focus to get through each day

Factors that affect our sleep quality

While some are more obvious than others, there are many issues that can lead to poor sleep. These include:

  • Inactivity
  • Chronic pain
  • Poor sleep hygiene (i.e. using electronics right before bed, not keeping the bedroom dark and at a comfortable temperature for sleeping, no time spent relaxing before bed, etc.)
  • Poor diet
  • Consuming food, particularly sugar and carbs, two hours before bed
  • Spine misalignment that is affecting nerve energy and hormone balance

Chiropractic care can help you get better sleep

A chiropractor can help you gain control of your sleep habits and wake up feeling rested. There are a number of ways that they can help you achieve better sleep, such as decreasing pain that is waking you up at night and recommending better sleep postures. Additionally, a CBP practitioner can go one step further and make sure your spine alignment is optimized. CBP is an expert-backed, research-oriented non-invasive approach that works.

Nerve energy and flow is the life force that helps our body continually execute normal daily activities and life supporting functions. This can quickly get out of sync when the spine is misaligned. Blocked nerve energy can occur for a number of reasons such as poor posture, injury, or faulty biomechanics with everyday movements. Regardless of the cause, it can have a drastic effect on your ability to complete important daily tasks like sleep.

Addressing pain that is affecting your sleep

If you’ve ever had an injury, you know how it can affect your sleep. When you roll onto your injured side, sleep awkwardly, or stay in one position for too long, suddenly your body alerts you with a dose of pain that makes it hard to get back to sleep. For the body to properly heal and prevent future issues with an injury, proper recovery and promoting optimal healing will drastically improve the recovery process. A CBP practitioner can help with this process by restoring balance to the spine and body.

Recommending positions that promote good spinal alignment

Chiropractors, particularly CBP practitioners, are experts at recognizing good spine alignment. This is important for every posture we find ourselves in during the day, including sleep. Sleep is particularly important since we are fully relaxed and need to rely on our body’s innate structure and external support (like a pillow and mattress). Talk to a CBP expert today to get recommendations on how to best support your body’s own natural spine curvature. This will prevent pain, ensure good spine alignment and nerve energy, and help you feel your best all day and night.

Let a Chiropractor improve your quality of life

The team at Symmetry Health Center can help you live life to the fullest with benefit of chiropractic adjustment. They will be able to address any underlying issues with your spine that are affecting your health and sleep quality. With non-invasive techniques like in-depth education, posture training, soft tissue mobilization, and pain management, you can have a better night of rest and feel your best. Talk to an expert at Symmetry Health Center in Oakland or Alameda today.

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