Lose Belly Fat and Keep Weight Off With 25 Minute Power Plate® Classes!

Lose Belly Fat in Alameda and Oakland
For those looking to make the most of their workout, lose belly fat and lose weight, a Power Plate® workout has the potential to cut your workout time in half so you can lose weight and keep it off. Whole body vibrations are what make Power Plate® a beneficial and efficient way to recruit more muscles to contract faster. This means do more, faster!

Twofold, Power Plate training has been shown to reduce visceral fat, aka belly fat, and help keep the weight off. Visceral fat resides in the abdomen between the organs. Excess visceral fat leads to obesity and can have fatal consequences, including hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

A study published by the European Journal of Obesity, yields compelling results on the effect of whole body vibration training. The study concludes:

  • Power Plate trainees lost twice as much visceral fat after six months than did those on dietary protocols as well as dietary and fitness (not Power Plate) protocols
  • After twelve months Power Plate trainees maintained their visceral fat loss while the other protocols resulted in a return to their starting levels

Obese individuals and fitness novices alike can train on the Power Plate to reap the weight loss benefits of a high intensity workout without the impact — keeping the joints safe and decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Lose Belly Fat With Power Plate Training at Symmetry

Symmetry Yoga and Power Plate studio offers three Power Plate class options so that individuals of any fitness level can train. Our classes include:

  • Stretch, Strength & Balance – All fitness levels welcome, perfect for a beginner experience on the machine. A perfect combination of stretches and conditioning exercises, with focus on balance and coordination.
  • Symmetry Fit – Take your fitness to the next level! All of the Power Plate® exercises you love, plus new movement drills to help you deepen your fitness practice. These are medium to high intensity sessions for those who have a general fitness foundation.
  • Core Fat Burn – The ultimate conditioning class! A quick progression of exercises in a circuit style format will warm you up quickly and keep your heart rate elevated. This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced Power Plate® student, not recommended for beginners.

Check Out Class Times and Sign Up Under the Symmetry Yoga Website!

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