What Does My Gut Have to Do With My Immune System?

Your gut and immune system

It has been estimated that the gut represents almost 70% of our entire immune system. (Clin Exp Immunol. 2008 Sep; 153(Suppl 1): 3–6.) Due to the current climate and our fight against COVID-19, gut health and protecting our microbiome is of utmost importance. Johns Hopkins University is known for its work in identifying the relationship of gut health and cancer, in addition their work in studying the relationship between lung health and healthy gut bacteria!

Although we need to be vigilant and practice social distancing to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses, it must also be noted that some products we have been using as of late, such as oral rinses and sanitizers can destroy the microbiome in our mouth and skin, which is pivotal in helping to protect us.

When addressing good health and viral support, Lynn Toohey PhD cited a survey of 161 long term care facilities in the United States presented at an American College of Preventative Medicine meeting, reported an association between alcohol based hand sanitizers for routine hand hygiene with an increased risk of outbreaks of norovirus. (Am J Infect Control 2011;39:296–301)

What we can draw from this study and Lynn Toohey PhD is common sense advice. The best and most certain way to protect against pathogens is washing our hands with water and soap, in addition to avoiding touching our face. Most of us are exhausted by the reminders we have been given on this simple practice, yet it really is one of our best defenses against COVID-19!

In regards to helping aid our gut health and microbiome during this turbulent time, we recommend replenishing your system with Nutri-West brand Total Probiotics (containing prebiotics as well) to help populate our gut and maintain a healthy microbiome. Total Probiotic is a formula that contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS for short) molecules that will help attract defensive bifidobacteria to the gut. Other ways to improve the gut microbiome balance is to eat fermented foods and avoid all forms of sugar.

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With this knowledge, in addition to a well-rounded exercise and nutrition plan, you will be in the best position possible to help fight against the current pandemic. At Symmetry Health Center in Oakland and Alameda – a chiropractic care specialist, we are advocates of a polystrategic approach to wellness. It is not just one element of health that will put you on track to prevention, but a well-rounded approach involving multiple healing modalities!

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