Boosting the Immune System Holistically With Chiropractic Care

Boosting the Immune System with chiropractic
The immune system and our health are hot topics right now. As we face a pandemic worldwide, there has been a lot of focus on preventing virus transmission through sanitization and mask wearing. However, little light has been shed on how to actually innately boost the immune system in mainstream new and media. One of the lesser-known but highly effective methods is boost the immune system through chiropractic adjustment.

A good immune system starts with good health

A well-tuned immune system is needed to lead a healthy life free of disease. When the immune system is working efficiently, it should be able to quickly detect and protect itself from foreign attackers. A large part of immunity occurs innately by keeping the entire body running in sync. For example, if the body has to spend too much energy addressing matters like chronic inflammation, getting rid of toxins, or even dealing with pain- this can leave fewer reserves for the immune system to do it’s thing.

You know your immune system is in overdrive when you start experiencing general symptoms like fever, swelling, and fatigue. This is your body’s natural response to foreigners to force you to give your body the rest it needs as it drives out a foreign virus, bacteria, or fungus. With a well functioning immune system, your body will be restored to good health and homeostasis within a few days to weeks.

On the other end of the spectrum, an overactive immune system can lead to some major problems as well. Autoimmune disease is a result of an overactive immune system that has trouble differentiating between foreign cells and it’s own. This can lead to your own body attacking vital cells and organs that leave you feeling sick. Common autoimmune diseases include inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes type I, and more. The bottom line is that the immune system requires a delicate balance to boost your overall health and have a high quality of life free of disease.

How to boost the immune system naturally

There are many ways to holistically boost the immune system. This can help the body better fight pathogens and heal itself when needed, in addition to completely avoiding illness when possible. The best news is that most of the ways to boost your immune system are also great lifestyle habits to have anyways. These include:

  • Adequate sun exposure for Vitamin D (or a supplement if needed)
  • Proper hydration
  • Stress management to promote good mental health
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking
  • A high nutrient diet, low in processed foods and high in fruits and vegetables
  • Immune boosting supplements such as vitamin C and zinc
  • Regular exercise
  • Good hygiene practices including hand washing (skip the antibacterial soaps please), thoroughly washing produce, and well-cooked meats

Self-care to promote full body balance with treatments like massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care

Boost your immune system with chiropractic care

Good immunity is all about keeping the body in optimal balance so that it has the energy and reserves needed to address any issues that come up. One of the primary culprits in the body that puts the body out of sync is spine misalignment. Misalignment of the spine affects nerve flow, a vital building block to all bodily function. Without proper nerve signals, the immune system cannot detect and launch an attack to return the body to homeostasis.

Many of our organs that control our immunity, like the spleen and lymph nodes, are directly affected by neural inputs. Thus, poor neural integrity due to spine misalignment can be directly detrimental to your health.

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is an expert-oriented, research-based approach that addresses this root issue of spine alignment. They are the elite experts in recognizing and treating any underlying issues within the spine. When spine alignment and nerve energy are restored, it unlocks the body’s potential for optimal function- including the immune system. This makes staying healthy a lot less work intensive and allows energy for normal everyday life instead of fighting for your life when disease or illness strikes.

>> Benefit of Chiropractic adjustment

Inflammatory bowel disorder programs near Alameda and Oakland, CA

In the face of COVID-19, many of us have had to come to terms with the fact that we’ve been neglecting our health. Now is a great time to turn a new leaf and reach the potential you deserve while avoiding unnecessary suffering. The holistic approach a CBP provider will take to your health will help you feel your best. Treatment options for building sustainable health and boosting a strong immune system include spine adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, soft tissue therapies, exercise therapy and so much more.

Want to take your health into your own hands? Consider chatting with Dr. Cynthia Boyd and her entire team at Symmetry Health Center today in Oakland and Alameda, CA to see what options are available to you. It’s never too late to see what CBP care can do for you!

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