Why Is Chiropractic Care a Great Choice for Long-Term Recovery?

Why Is Chiropractic Care a Great Choice for Long-Term Recovery

During our lives, we usually have to face some illnesses and injuries that can come with various symptoms. Since most of us live a busy, hectic lifestyle, in most cases, we don’t have time to get rest and spend enough time on recovery. This is why when a symptom appears, we try to alleviate it as soon as possible. However, the problem with looking for quick fixes is that very often it means that doctors don’t get to the root cause of the health issues. Rather, they address only the symptoms. Today, we will talk about the “band-aid approach” of Western medicine and how chiropractic treatment options differ from it. Thus, you will understand why chiropractic care is a great choice for long-term recovery.

Western medicine usually focuses on Short-term results

Western medicine typically approaches a patient’s symptoms from a short-term aspect that can lead to a wide variety of problems. Unfortunately, most people don’t even recognize what’s wrong with this approach until much later because they focus on getting short-term relief as quickly as possible. The thing is that when your symptoms are only masked, the root cause will remain unaddressed. This can lead to a continuous cycle where your symptoms come back over and over again. Of course, feeling stuck in this nasty cycle comes with a lot of frustration and most likely, dependence on medication.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many other alternatives out there. You just need to know where to look for better options! A great place to start digging is among holistic treatments, including chiropractic treatment options. The advantage of addressing your health holistically is that these treatments not only focus on alleviating your symptoms but also treat the main cause of your health issues. And what does it mean for you? Typically- fewer recurrences of your symptoms, a significantly better quality of life, and most importantly, a long-term recovery.

How pain is addressed by modern medicine

You can better understand why chiropractic care might be a better choice by reviewing a simple example. Let’s say that you experience symptoms of back pain. It can happen for multiple reasons, including poor posture, spine misalignment, or sustaining a sports injury. What is the first thing you do? Chances are that you take an over-the-counter pain reliever (for example, ibuprofen) and try to continue with your daily life. Additionally, when experiencing severe pain, you may take some rest at home and wait for your symptoms to go away. And if the pain doesn’t resolve after a few days of rest or becomes hard to manage, only then you may decide to seek medical care. When seeing a medical doctor for back pain, your doctor does a quick assessment and often gives you some prescriptions for heavier medications (usually, pain medication and anti-inflammatories). Plus, they may give you some recommendations for trying a few exercises at home to ease the pain.

Most often, this is how the typical treatment looks like for back pain and other types of pain in our modern world. Further steps are made only in the case of excruciating pain, or if other symptoms appear. Ultimately, these conventional treatments lead to on-again, off-again pain that is hard to live with in the long term.

How Chiropractic treatment options are different

If you would like to break this vicious cycle, consider seeking help from a chiropractor. These health professionals can help you discover the true cause of your symptoms via the assessment of your entire body and taking a look at your history. Once your chiropractor figures out the underlying cause, they can address it. Thus, instead of short-term results only, you can yield longer-lasting results.

One of the most common underlying issues that need to be treated by chiropractors is spine misalignment. Even subtle changes in the curvature of the spine can lead to plenty of health problems within the body. This is because spine misalignment negatively affects our overall nerve integrity and bodily functions. Usually, chiropractors use various holistic treatment options to restore the optimal alignment of the spine. This way, the nerve energy can flow without any interruptions and the body can reach its highest healing potential.

Once the spine is properly aligned, most often with appropriate adjustments, additional treatments may be recommended as well:

  • Pain management techniques (without pain medication)
  • Training for better posture
  • Personalized exercise program for home
  • Further adjustments to the spine and other joints
  • Lifestyle modifications

Focus on getting Long-term recovery – It’s worth it!

If you would like to increase your chances of feeling your absolute best for a long time, finding a local chiropractor may be your best choice. Chiropractors can help you with a wide range of health issues, such as pain, headaches, brain fog, chronic fatigue, concentration problems, and much more. Thanks to the regular visits to your chiropractor, you should be able to manage your symptoms associated with these issues better, or you may even need to deal with fewer symptoms.

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