PowerPlate Classes Now in Oakland and Alameda

PowerPlate Classes Now in Oakland and Alameda

Symmetry Health Center Oakland is excited to announce the highly anticipated arrival of PowerPlate® Classes to our Oakland location. Now, both our Alameda and Oakland offices will be offering these 25 minute one-of-a-kind classes that have revolutionized exercise for the Alameda community and are sure to do the same for Oakland!

The PowerPlate® uses vibration technology that will whip you into shape FAST! Symmetry offers a wide variety of classes to accommodate each person’s individual fitness level. Whether your goal is to burn calories, tone up, get your sweat on, or improve your balance and flexibility there is a class for you. See what awesome changes you can make in your body from just 25 minutes of focus!

Below we have highlighted a few of the incredible benefits of the PowerPlate®

It’s Acceleration Training

The high frequency and amplitude of the vibration engage all of the smaller (intrinsic) muscle fibers that are normally not used during a workout routine.  This is why a 25 minute class feels equivalent to an hour of gym-time.

Fun Fact: 25 minutes of continuous work on the PowerPlate® will cause 60,000 individual muscle contractions.   

It Improves Balance and Flexibility

The vibration challenges the equilibrium of the human body.  It also triggers the delivery of oxygen and blood to muscles, ligaments, and other structures that are essential to optimal flexibility.

It Makes you Happier and More Alert

The PowerPlate® encourages Seratonin release because the vibration increases the amount of uptake by Seratonin’s host cell into the blood.

It also induces a ‘good feeling’ because it assists with lymphatic drainage.  The lymphatic system of the body does not have a drainage system like the circulatory system, like the heart to pump blood. The vibration speeds up the drainage of toxic lymph that causes you to fatigue easily.

It Decreases the Appearance of Cellulite.  Seriously.

There have been many clinical studies done on this topic.  To form cellulite, the layers of tissue that are connected to the skin can become dimpled and puckered when the underlying fatty cells enlarge.  The vibration of the plate accelerates collagen remodeling which significantly decreases the appearance of this dimpling on the surface of the skin.

It Makes you Look Younger?!

As we age, the production of growth hormone slows, allowing our bodies to visibly age.  Most anti-aging procedures are aimed at maintaining and increasing the amount of growth hormone, a lot of which, are highly toxic and cost thousands of dollars.  PowerPlate® usage aids in growth hormone production because it ‘destabilizes’ the body on a cellular level inducing reflexes to engage that are normally dormant.  These reflexes then affect our hormonal balance. It is a natural way to maintain that youthful glow!

It Increases Bone Density

The vibration activates tiny osteoblasts (bone-building cells) to build bone on a cellular level. So, anyone prone to low bone density such as people with a genetic predisposition to osteopenia, post-menopausal women, people with autoimmune disorders, or people with nutritional deficiencies may have low bone density.

Affordability and Access

We make it easy to reach your fitness goals with affordable packages of 10 classes for $150 or a low recurring membership fee of $149 for unlimited classes!

Additionally, PowerPlate® members are able to go to either location for your classes, so you don’t have to commit to one location!

Please visit www.mindbodyonline.com to schedule and view class descriptions and download our convenient MindBody application to your mobile device for on the go scheduling.

Don’t wait to be the best version of your physical self! Sign up for PowerPlate® classes at Symmetry Health Center today!

Power Plate Classes Alameda and Oakland