How You Can Boost Your Strength Routine with Chiropractic Care

Strength Routine with Chiropractic Care
How you can boost your strength routine with Chiropractic care? There are many different ways that we can measure strength, such as our brute force, endurance, and ability to coordinate certain moves. Regardless, having enough strength is an essential part of navigating everyday life. If our muscles are weak, it can impact our ability to complete daily activities, sports, and hobbies alike. Being able to meaningfully use our muscles translates to a life of vitality and freedom.

If you feel exhausted or sore all the time, you may have realized that you would benefit from chiropractic that will build your strength. However, there is often more that can be done than just starting a weight lifting program. This is because there are a lot of factors that go into your strength that you may not have realized, particularly related to the health of your nervous system. This is exactly why, even though it might not be your first thought, chiropractic care can impact your strength, fitness, and health goals.

Which Factors Can Impact Our Strength?

One of the simplest ways to measure your strength is with a device called a dynamometer. This small tool measures your muscles’ force production when you push against it with a particular body part, such as the legs or arms. Yet, this measurement only gives us a small glimpse of what’s going on at a cellular and neural energy level when it comes to your strength. There are many underlying factors that can influence your muscle strength, coordination, endurance, body alignment, mechanics, and more.

With our nerves playing a pivotal role in the background for strength, here are some factors to keep in mind that influence it more than you may realize.

  • How strong the neural connection is, and the level of excitability, between the muscles and the spinal cord and brain for coordinating meaningful movement
  • How the spine is aligned- influencing nerve energy and flow
  • Spine and other joint mechanics- also influencing neural health and maximum force output of the surrounding muscles
  • The actual size (and number) of muscle cells within each designated muscle group
  • The efficiency of the central nervous system’s neural feedback loop- allowing continual monitoring and adjustment for proper and coordinated movement

Your Strength and Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP)

The importance of neural integrity for our strength should now be clear. Ultimately, spine alignment plays a large role in this. Recognizing spine misalignment, a common issue that often goes undiagnosed, is a key component in chiropractic care, making it a great option for optimizing strength. The absolute experts in addressing spine alignment are chiropractors certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). They are certified in research based protocols meant to help maximize your spine alignment and overall health.

The team of experts at Symmetry Health Center in Alameda and Oakland, CA are specialized in recognizing any underlying spine misalignment that could be affecting your nerve health, and ultimately our body’s ability to coordinate meaningful movement. They can help you devise a plan to holistically restore spine alignment and optimize your overall body function.

How to Optimize Your Overall Strength

With the careful guidance of your CBP provider, you can expect proper nerve energy to be restored. This is a great building block for making more meaningful strength improvements. With optimized nerve flow, muscle coordination and movement can be executed much more efficiently to maximize your gains. From there, you have much more to gain with more traditional strengthening methods, such as:

  • Endurance weight lifting- meaning high reps and low weight
  • Weight lifting for bulking up- meaning low reps and high weight
  • A core strengthening routine to promote optimal power and spine alignment
  • Gradually increasing the length of time or intensity for your exercise routine
  • High intensity interval training with explosive moves (low or high impact)

No matter what options fit your health and strengthening goals, the key is to exercise consistently and find something that you love doing to stay motivated. Additionally, it’s always important to keep in mind the importance of good form and spine alignment to maximize your efforts and minimize risk of injury.

Find a CBP Provider in Your Area

It’s time to find a CBP practitioner in your area. If you are near Alameda or Oakland, CA, get in touch with Dr. Cynthis Boyd and her entire staff at Symmetry Health Center. You can schedule an appointment for a full evaluation and determine what treatments can address your spine alignment and boost your overall quality of life. From there, the sky’s the limit for reaching for full potential in areas like strength, coordination, endurance, and more.

Good spine alignment is the building block for all other bodily functions. When you get started with these essential underlying issues, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to feel your best. The next time you want to blame your weak muscles for getting easily fatigued, think about how spine alignment can help you get started with your fitness journey to better strength. Call the Symmetry Health Center today to get started.

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